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Road ice-out



The floor heating system without electromagnetic waves

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Selecting Various Products

Possible to Select the Temperature of Hot Water

The state-of-the-art high-performance water heater

Premium Enamel Coating

Magnesium Anode Rod

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World Best, World Prontier Hanjintech

The world without an electromagnetic wave!
It is the only one sheath heater without an electromagnetic wave in Korea. The electromagnetic wave offsetting technology
that is the exclusive patent of our company is applied to design (spring type/double elements design) the heater.
The difference in technological prowess makes the difference in heating.
The breakthrough in the product development expands the heating surface and enhances the thermal conductivity.

The world’s first double-pipe insulation

It is the composite PPB external pipe product. Differently from a metal pipe, it is the permanent product that is not exposed to the corrosion and electric leakage caused by the contact with cement and water. (The lifetime of the product = the lifetime of a building)

The heat transfer speed

The magnesium having the purity of no less than 95% is put into the pipe and compressed so that the heat transfer speed of the product is three times faster than that of water.

Maximizing the heat efficiency

The design of sealing the space between the composite PPB external pipe and the internal pipe (the stainless pipe and the steel pipe) enables the high speed of the 2nd thermal diffusion and the excellent function of the thermal storage.


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